dimanche 22 octobre 2017

Francis Hubert

            Zip + City         : B6110 Montigny le Tilleul
            Federal             : Belgium
            Occupation       : Dispatcher of logistics and transport 
            E-Mail              :



Exchange list

Dear Friends,

I am collecting minerals and thumbnails since 1980. I've got 2000 species and 7000 specimens.

My collection is based on some criteria :

- Aesthetics minerals
- Systematic minerals
- Phosphates and Sulphates
- Minerals from burning mines dumps
- Minerals from slag's
- Calcites.

I am also president of a micro mounts association called « 4 M »
(4 M stand for Association of Micro Mounters of Minerals of Montigny-le-Tilleul). This association got 25 years some months ago (just have a look on this site www.quatrem.be  (see also our trade show).

I search for contacts with other collectors to make mineral's exchanges

I am annexing a list of specimens  that I dispose of for exchange. (Excel)

 I sincerely hope that you will find items that interest you amongst those mentioned in my list.

 By thanking you in advance an sincerely hoping to hear from you soon, I remain.

 Best regards.